5 Ensembles To Rock When The Little Black Dress Won't Do

5 Ensembles To Rock When The Little Black Dress Won't Do

Are you bored with your wardrobe? Do you frequently find yourself standing in the middle of your closet trying to decide which little black dress you are going to re-purpose with different accessories? Need a change in style? If so, you might want to be a bit more creative, and even daring, in your after-5 attire. There is nothing wrong with taking risks unless you just want to blend in, that is.

To get started, consider how far you want to push the envelope. Are you ready to risk it all for color, fabric, style, hemline, or theme? Maybe some of these or all of the above? To help you find answers to these burning questions, check out these 5 style mavens for inspiration. They are sure to give you some ideas on how you can shake things up!

Rock A Tailored Pantsuit!

You have probably seen Halle Berry and Angela Bassett stun photographers on the red carpet wearing pantsuits. Joan Smalls certainly doesn't disappoint here either. Make sure that if you decide to go with a black suit, that it has some visual interest and detail to it. Finish it off with interesting accessories. This look is classic and timeless!

Opt For Bold Color!

The bold color of this maxi dress is sure to turn heads. The hood is an unexpected touch of drama and very Grace Jones-inspired. No jewelry needed here! But, make certain you have the confidence that Tracey Ellis-Ross has to pull this off because all eyes will be on you!

Classy, Yet Comfortable

Sometimes wearing fussy attire can take the fun out the evening. Pairing a feminine blouse with fitted pants in a monochromatic color scheme allows you to be dressy and classy without cramping your style. Solange Knowles is rocking the studded detail on her pants along with her ruffled sleeves making her ensemble visually interesting.

Pretty In Pink

Sometimes the color black can be a bit too formal and conservative. This ensemble gives you the ease of a jumpsuit, the suggestion of a pantsuit, and the flow of a duster all wrapped up into one! Feel free to take risks. Rihanna's sleek hairstyle and simple pearl accessories allow this outfit to take center stage!

Travel Back In Time

This 1930s-inspired suit revisits an era where hemline were longer, styles were more modest and traditional, and ladies were not fully-dressed without a pair of gloves. Naomi Campbell represents that tradition well in this classic number!

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