Beauty Subcultures That Will Blow Your Mind

Beauty Subcultures That Will Blow Your Mind
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With so many makeup tutorials and Instagram makeup mavens, it seems like we've seen it all. Natural look, smokey eye, retro, avant garde, we get it.

But right under our nose is a whole world of makeup subcultures that you won't believe. There are so many options, we might have to reevaluate our style choices.


Cosplay gets a bad rep. People think of it as just hot girls wearing almost no clothes at comic conventions or superfans who want to look like an anime character. But there's a real art to it. The makeup is so wholly transformative, it can completely change your look, age, and even gender. Each cosplay look is a mini masterpiece and you can learn some of their skills from the many available Youtube tutorials. Even if you don't want to go full Wonder Woman every day, there are definitely cool tips you can use whenever you want to try something new.


With the popularity of RuPaul's Drag Race, the world of drag has come into the mainstream more than ever before. How do you think your mom knows about 'Yass queen'? And if you want to know how to look sickening, ask a drag queen. If you're only interested in natural subtlety, look elsewhere. KimChi is one of the best makeup artists of drag and probably one of the best in the world, period. Watch as she transforms herself from boy to goddess.


K-Pop (Korean Pop) is huge in Korea (obviously) and the looks are just as big as the music. The Korean makeup industry is flourishing, as you can tell from the wide array of Korean products that are highly sought after in America. But this subculture can go a little too deep. Teens get plastic surgery to look like their idols and techniques like skin bleaching are still popular. Though we don't advise anyone to change themselves for someone else, the basics of the look and culture are  a beautiful and unique style.


Kawaii means "cute" in Japanese and that's exactly what it is. A little more subtle than the 90's harajuku craze, this is much more than crazy big eyelashes. The culture has spread way beyond Japan with Miles Jai being one of the top youtube makeup artists of the Kawaii style.

Pastel Goth

Goth didn't die off after The Craft. It's going strong. But now a subset of Pastel Goths is growing popular. Their creepy/cute look combines light and dark, scary and adorable. If My Little Pony went to a Korn concert, you'd get something like Pastel Goth. It may sound funny, but it looks really cool and offers a wide range of makeup techniques and hairstyles.

Body Modification

If you want to take goth to the next level look no further than the culture of body modification. These aren't people that split their tongues or try to make themselves look like lizards. They just take tattoos and piercing to the next level. Youtube star Morgan Joyce gives beauty tutorials and goes into details about her tattoos and even her "scarification," a kind of body tattoo made with scar tissue rather than ink.

Living Doll

This one sounds a little creepy, but at the end of the day it's mostly an extreme eye make up look. Anastasiya Shpagina is most famous for her doll looks, where she often eerily looks like she's more doll than human. But there's no plastic surgery or major extremes, it's mostly just big ass lashes, drawing your outside of your eyes to get a larger shape, and circle contacts to give your eyes that anime look.

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