Crowning Glory: 7 Natural Styles To Try In 2017

Crowning Glory: 7 Natural Styles To Try In 2017

Let’s face it. Natural hair isn’t a trend. It’s a style and statement that isn’t going away any time soon. And shoot, thank goodness for that because there are dozens of reasons why opting for the hair you were born with is a smart decision.

Let’s start with the practical reasons. If you’re someone who currently has a relaxer, a visit to a professional stylist can easily cost you $50-100 per visit (and that’s on the low end). Then from a health perspective, there’s more and more information coming out revealing that a lot of commercial products aimed at black women have (whew!) the same chemicals as Liquid Drano. Respiratory issues and even certain cancers have been directly linked to certain hair products. Not to mention that if you want a healthy scalp and stronger strands, going natural is best (processed hair can burn your scalp and actually weakens your tresses).

That’s why we couldn’t let you walk into a new year without at least considering rockin’ one of these trending natural hairstyles. Whether you’re thinking about growing your relaxer out, going for a different natural look than you currently have or you simply want a protective style that doesn’t come with a lot of upkeep or drama, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with every single one. Enjoy!

Colored Box Braids

If you’re a fan of oldie-but-goodie movies, the first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of box braids is Janet Jackson as Regina King in Poetic Justice. That was the early 90s and even now, they are still making a major impression. Box braids are cool because you can rock them in different levels of length and thickness. Two really popular styles for them right now are putting box brains up in a high bun or coloring them. You can do this by dying human hair or just weaving in other shades of the synthetic kind.

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