Don't Eat These Foods If You Want Your Skin To Glow Like A Goddess

Don't Eat These Foods If You Want Your Skin To Glow Like A Goddess

When it comes to keeping clear skin, we're all about the most natural way to go about it - especially when it involves getting our grub on. That's why we indulge in salads with walnuts, never pass up oatmeal, and of course love sunflower seeds. Those are all the foods we should be eating, but there's also a dark side of certain delicious treats that could lead us to blemish hell. That's why it's important to avoid the following as much as possible.


Try and wake up with hot tea instead of a cup of joe because coffee is a major diuretic. Meaning it increases your time in the bathroom, which leads to water loss, which means less water to hydrate the skin.


Say it ain’t so! Okay, maybe just one or two next time you’re out because drinking too many sugar-laden cocktails will result in a nasty hangover, leaving your outer layers too dry.

Salty Foods

Another way to dehydrate the skin is to add too much salt to your diet. Easy fix, don’t over salt and try to eat at home more often than not.

Bottled Water

They pack these full of hormones that are all wrong for your glow. So get yourself a Brita and personal bottle from now on. You’ll save yourself and the environment; two birds, one fabulous stone.


Some are for it, and some are against it because of the steroids used in it. Your call to make, but we’d say steer clear and see how you feel after a while without.

White Bread

With a high glycemic count in this, it’s all wrong! Switch that white loaf out for something with actual whole grains instead of enriched wheat flour.


The amount of sugar will make that collagen inflame and make your face look a mess. We wish this didn’t include rainbow bagels.


The movies are never going to be the same again.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Sweets are not the business when it comes to having perfect skin. Of course this is because of all that sugar they have packed into every delicious bite.

Milk Chocolate

It’s cool, dark chocolate is actually good for you!

Spicy Foods

This is especially true if you have Rosacea. Super hot foods can actually cause yours to worsen and become more inflamed. 

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