Don't Sweat It: Here's What to Do When You Forget to Put On Deodorant

Don't Sweat It: Here's What to Do When You Forget to Put On Deodorant

We’ve all had days when we're in so much of a rush that we ran out of the house without putting on our deodorant. Sometimes, we don’t even notice it until there is a ring of sweat on our clothes, right where our armpits are. Or we smell an odor that makes us say “Crap! I forgot to put some deodorant on!”

It’s not that this is a real emergency or anything. Whenever this happens to you, all you honestly have to do is run into a drugstore and pick up a travel size tube of it. But the reason why we’re providing some other alternatives is there are more and more studies that reveal some hidden health risks that happen when we do use deodorant on a regular basis.

For starters, a lot of deodorants contain parabens. Unfortunately, they've been linked to breast cancer because they throw off our body’s hormonal balance. A lot of deodorants also contain aluminum compounds. The problem with those is that as they stop the sweat from coming, they can also mimic estrogen production and possibly lead to breast cancer cells. Silica is another common ingredient that may irritate the skin and cause cancer. And really, we just scratched the surface of health risks (read more about them here), but it often seems to add up to cancer.

Does this mean toss out all of your tubes? Honestly, that’s up to you. But what we are saying is now is as good of a time as any to learn about some of the alternatives that you can try that are pretty effective, cheaper and definitely much healthier. 

Cut Open A Lemon

Have you ever wondered what causes the odor underneath your arms? It’s bacteria. And guess what lemon juice does? It kills the bacteria on contact. No one is saying that you should constantly keep a lemon in your car or anything, but it's there for you in a pinch. Slice one open, rub it under your arms and you will smell a lot better. Do keep in mind it won’t stop the sweating. Just the stink.

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