Get The Glitter Off! How To Remove Glitter From Your Skin, Hair & Clothes

Get The Glitter Off! How To Remove Glitter From Your Skin, Hair & Clothes
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Glitter is amazing. Nothing is more fun for a holiday or a night out. What is not amazing is glitter the next day. You find it on your pillow, in your hair. Months later, you'll find some errant glitter in the fridge for some reason.

Before you go to work with your leftover disco look and make your coworkers wonder about what kind of crazy life you lead, get that glitter off.

Instyle has some tips of how to get the glitter out of everything so your one shining night doesn't become a month long glitter nightmare.

Get Glitter Off Your Face

This works for your face or any area of skin that got a dose of glitter. Turns out the solution is easy. Oil! Use coconut oil and gently rub off the glitter. Then wipe with a wet cotton ball (you just need water, no makeup remover) to clean off the oil and remaining sparkles.

Get Glitter Out of Your Hair

If you did a bold glittering eye, chances are you now have glitter in your hair. To remove it, oil again works best. This time use a good olive oil and rub it through your hair and scalp in the shower. After about ten minutes, wash it out and you're glitter free!

Get Glitter Out of Your Clothes

Hairspray to the rescue! Take your glitter filled clothes and coat with aerosol hairspray. After it dries, put it in the washer, then dryer and the glitter is gone. Now, be careful to wash this item by itself and you may want to dust out your washer and dryer once your done so your boyfriends shirt doesn't become sparkly.

Get Glitter Off Of Your Furniture

To get the sparkles off of furniture and out of the carpet, takes a two pronged approach. First, take a lint roller (or wrap tape sticky side out around your hand) and attack the glitter, being careful not smash it into the carpet or furniture. Then, follow it up with a thorough vacuuming. It may take a few runs to get it all, but then you're bedroom will be free of any sparkling friends.

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