Here's How To Create A 10-Minute Make-Up Face

Here's How To Create A 10-Minute Make-Up Face

Really. When’s the last time you had 30 minutes to put make-up on? Aside from when you were a teenager or a special occasion here and there, it’s probably been a really long time. When you’re balancing a family and a career, and you’re trying to at least make sure you can see the bottom of your bedroom floor and kitchen sink, standing in the mirror for that long seems more like an unrealistic luxury than a real necessity.

That doesn’t mean you have to look like you don’t have the time. If you’re willing to set aside 10 minutes every morning (give or take five more for speed and accuracy), we can walk you through how to have a face that’s worth a million bucks. Even if the cosmetics are closer to drug store prices. (No worries, we won’t tell.)

Tinted Moisturizer

If you don’t like how heavy foundation feels or you don’t believe you need quite that much coverage, tinted moisturizer is going to become one of your best friends! It’s basically a lotion that has some color (and sunscreen) in it that will blend in with your skin tone. Using this will save you time, protect your skin and make you look younger because it’s so fresh and light. It’s one of the best ways to have natural and healthy looking skin, even if you have a few age spots or acne scars.

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