If You Want Legit Abs, Here's What You Should Be Eating And Drinking

If You Want Legit Abs, Here's What You Should Be Eating And Drinking
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Unless you have that diet under control, no amount of exercise is going to get you a set of poppin' 6-pack abs. Doing 1,000 crunches is going to get you a rock solid core, but it won't be something you want to show off unless you can peel away the layer of fat hiding your ab muscles. 

Eating a balanced diet will allow your body to get the nutrients its needs while burning fat. But what foods should you be eating? Let's take a look at foods that burn away the fat so that your abs (and not a beer belly) take center stage! 


Fruits are a great source of natural sugars and carbs. You need these nutrients in order to keep your body moving all day. Without carbs, our bodies would lack energy. Basically, you'll end up on the couch taking an extra-long siesta instead of getting a workout in. 

Fruits are also an example of  carbs that are "slow-burning." This means they'll stick with you longer, releasing energy for a long period of time. You will keep cravings at bay because your body is still burning off the calories you took in by eating the fruit. 


Abs need to be built up by eating protein. Without it, you won't have results. So even if you burn away the fat, you'll be left with a flat (and ab-less) stomach underneath.

You need protein in your diet in order to build ab muscles. Muscle is made bigger through the process of breaking it down (lifting weights, doing crunches, etc.) and then allowing it to heal. The healing process causes the muscles to get bigger.

Without a good amount of protein, your body won't be able to heal properly, though. That's where eggs come in. They are an extremely versatile food and provide you with all of the protein you could possibly need to repair your body.


The one downside of eating eggs is the amount of cholesterol. If you already have a high amount of cholesterol in your body then you won't want to add extra by upping your egg intake. A good alternative is broccoli. It has similar protein benefits, along with plenty of vitamins. 

It's a great option because it's really low in calories. You can get a huuuuge serving of protein without taking in very many calories at all. 


Most drinks besides water have calories. If you want your abs to show, the you should avoid unnecessary calories. Water is great because it doesn't have any calories and you need in order to keep you from, um, well, kicking the bucket. 

Sticking to just water, instead of any other kinds of beverages, will keep you nice and hydrated while also keeping your stomach full. You'll be less likely to snack or overeat at meals because your stomach will already have some water in it. There will be less room to fill with less-than-ideal food options. 

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