Is Cheating Ever Okay? Women Reveal Why They Did It And What Happened After

Is Cheating Ever Okay? Women Reveal Why They Did It And What Happened After

Is it ever okay to cheat? It’s a hard question to answer. Some women think so. In fact, they cheat specifically because their spouse already has and feel proud. In other cases, they feel bad about what they’ve done—especially if the spouse is innocent. Let’s head over to Whisper to check out some women’s cheating confessions—and how they felt after the act. It turns out, sometimes cheating leads to better things. (And, of course, some cheating leads to much worse circumstances.) 

Sometimes it takes leaving to see what you are missing out on. There's nothing like the arms of another to help you gain an outside perspective. 

Sometimes it's the flip side of the above problem. You end up realizing what you have back home is waaaay better than you could ever get out of a quick fling. 

Your body changes over time, and if you already have built a loving relationship, your partner might not notice negative changes. However, you can see them in the mirror. Validation from others may not be the best answer, but it might give you confidence again if nothing else works. 

If you're both cheating, there might be a reason. In fact, it could mean it's time to see other people—without seeing each other ever again. 

Can you overcome cheating? Love may be there but if trust has been lost for good it might be pointless to keep trying.

Cheating may make things "even" but does that necessarily mean things are now okay? Probably not. 

Sometimes you seek love—not just a fun time—outside of your relationship

When things start to slow down in the bedroom, your eyes might begin wandering. If you're still in love with the person you're seeing, sex outside the relationship might be the boost you need. 

Falling in love can be like a bad case of FOMO. You just don't know if it's right until you've experienced the wrong thing. 

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