The BEST Beauty Bloggers And Makeup Artists For Natural "No-Makeup" Inspo

The BEST Beauty Bloggers And Makeup Artists For Natural "No-Makeup" Inspo
Naomi Farr on Instagram

Mastering the "no makeup" makeup look always seems so darn hard. We watch tutorials and take advice, but we never end up pulling off that perfect natural glow. So, how's it done? I mean, really done? 

We've found some of the best beauty bloggers and makeup artists to help you score a flawless complexion. Be sure and follow these ladies (and a gentleman) on social media—their advice is so good, no one will even know you're sporting makeup! It'll just be our little secret! 💄

Makeup Artist: Jamie Greenberg

Celeb makeup artist Jamie Greenberg knows a thing or two about the ever elusive "no makeup" makeup trend. She dished her secrets to Marie Claire:

The most important thing is your skin, she says in a video for STYLE IT FORWARD. Take care of it the natural way by eating well, getting sleep, and drinking a lot of water.

Then, she advises prepping skin with a great moisturizer. 

Blog: Jamie Makeup
Instagram: @jamiemakeupgreenberg
YouTube: Jamie Greenberg

Makeup Artist: Wayne Goss

Makeup artist Wayne Goss is the king of contour and highlighting, but he also knows the secret to an effortless natural glow. 

Wayne partnered with "The Cut" to share how he crafts a beautiful "no makeup" look. There's no doubt about it, Wayne will have you looking radiant in five minutes flat! 

Blog: Wayne Goss
Instagram: @gossmakeupartist
YouTube: Wayne Goss

Makeup Artist: Achelle Richards (Dunaway)

Achelle Richards, Chief Global Artistic Director at e.l.f. Cosmetics, revealed how to get the flawless look to USA TODAY

"[The look is] really just [about] loving you and feeling
confident in you and not having to change the way you look," she said.

Here's her step-by-step:

1) Apply moisturizer, followed by a lightweight foundation
2) Highlight your face's key features, and use a natural eyeshadow
3) Use natural lip colors
4) Finish everything with a setting spray

Blog: Ask Achelle
Instagram: @askachelle

Beauty Blogger: Naomi Farr

Follow blogger Naomi Farr for endless natural beauty inspiration. Farr is a "natural beauty enthusiast" and posts tons of great reviews for all-natural and organic products. But that's not all. She also shares advice, tips, and tutorials for makeup, skincare, and perfume (she's a botanical perfumer!). 

Her tips for the natural look? In her step-by-step for "The Everygirl", Farr dishes on how to apply the look, as well as the products she uses. 

"The key is to let your natural skin shine through, not completely cover it up," she writes.

Blog: Sweet Violet Beauty
Instagram: @avioletlife
YouTube: Naomi Farr

Beauty Blogger: Alicia Winnett

Winnett started "Alicia Fashionista" in 2008 and it has quickly grown into a popular beauty blog for millennial women.

Alicia shares her advice on beauty, makeup, travel, health and style. One of her 2016 posts tackled the "no makeup" makeup look

"I have spent years trying to perfect the 'no makeup' makeup look," she wrote. "The key is definitely skin, so what I really wanted was light, but full coverage, which is kind of like asking for a unicorn for your birthday."

Blog: Alicia Fashionista
Instagram: @aliciafashionista
YouTube: Alicia Fashionista

Beauty Blogger: Kate Bryan

Hairstylist-turned-blogger Kate Bryan spearheads "The Small Things" blog. Kate shares amazing, yet super simple, hair tutorials, as well as posts about makeup, skincare, food, and style. She's definitely at the top of our must-follow list!

Blog: The Small Things
Instagram: @k8_smallthings
YouTube: The Small Things Blog

Beauty Blogger: Zoella

Zoella has already made her mark on the beauty industry. She published a best-selling debut novel called "Girl Online" and has her own beauty line. 

On her blog, she gets real about life, food, travel, makeup, and skincare. Zoella will instantly become one of your fav blogs for beauty-everything inspiration!

Blog: Zoella
Instagram: @zoella
YouTube: Zoella

Beauty Blogger: Cara Brook

Founder and creator, Cara Brook blogs about all-things beauty on her site, Maskcara. Cara, who's also a makeup artist, focuses on natural beauty. She shares tons of tutorials: makeup, hair, and skincare. Not to mention, we love her outfit inspiration ideas. 

Blog: Maskcara Beauty
Instagram: @maskcara

Beauty Blog: 'Living Pretty, Naturally'

This natural beauty blog is spearheaded by Certified Yoga Instructor, Kate. "Living Pretty, Naturally" focuses on all aspects of health: natural beauty products, makeup, skincare, food, nutrition, yoga & fitness, and a healthy home. 

Blog: Living Pretty, Naturally
Instagram: @livingprettynaturally

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