"The Power Of Boobies" Saves A Nightmarish Flight

"The Power Of Boobies" Saves A Nightmarish Flight

Ever been on a red eye? They suck, right? Well, go ahead and compound that by adding a weeping baby and multiple cancelled flights to the mix. The scenario keeps getting more and more nightmarish, right? If your own personal version of hell involves this scenario, then you're going to love this story.

It All Started With Cancelled Flights

The kindness of strangers is hard to come by these days, it seems. Well, unless you’re on the flight from hell. One dad experienced an act of kindness that sent him to Imgur to share his story.

On Dec. 11, a flight from Chicago to Dallas went from being a few hours to a multiple day affair. After having flights rescheduled and then bumped AGAIN, Evan Hughes and his wife were forced to settle in on different flights.

Daddy Hughes took their 8-month-old baby to let his wife get some much-needed shut eye.

An Angel Comes To The Rescue

But who was going to let HIM get some shut eye? A fussy baby on a flight isn’t always a great recipe for a restful and relaxing flight back home, but Hughes did not go through the experience alone.

He had help from a guardian angel—will, help from the woman sitting next to him on the plane, anyway.

The "Power of Boobies" Saves The Day

Baby Hughes could not get enough of the neighbor and tried to crawl over to her multiple times. Finally, Daddy Hughes let Junior go visit their neighbor. She couldn’t have been happier.

Apparently, the baby was a bit tired, because he promptly fell asleep on her chest. She jokingly called it the “power of the boobies,” and let the zonked out kid get his ZZZs in. Oh, and she let dad get some, too.

Baby Is Pleased

Baby Is Pleased

Hughes managed to snap a pic of his savior before knocking out himself. That kid really looks at home, doesn't he?

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