The Real Reasons You Should NEVER Pull Out A Grey Hair

The Real Reasons You Should NEVER Pull Out A Grey Hair

Although both letting hair grey naturally and going grey on purpose are trending lately, the urge to pluck out that first wise, pigment-less strand on your head is common. What stops some of us, though, is the old tale that once one it's pulled out, two more will come back in its place. Turns out, that's not actually true! Let's take a look at the real reasons that leaving your greys alone is the best way to go.

1. It could cause your hair to thin

According to celebrity stylist George Papanikolas, pulling out a grey won't cause another to grow in its place because "plucking one hair doesn't create two follicles in its place." That said, there's another big reason not to do it-thinning hair. "It's not generally a good idea to pluck gray hairs because over time you can damage the follicle, and it will stop producing hair," stylist Judy McGuiness explained to InStyle.

2. It could give your hair a case of the Alfalfas

A follicle that a long grey hair has been plucked from is more likely to produce a strand that is short. This means that it could potentially be more likely to stand out from your other strands and puts you more at risk for an unruly hair that goes against your hair's normal growth patterns and sticks straight up.

3. So, what's the best course of action when it comes to greys, you ask?

If you're not ready to let your grey and those mismatched strands are bugging you, the best way to go is a good semi-permanent gloss. Gentler than a dye job, a gloss will wash out over time and add some high shine and a touch of pigment to blur out your greys. 

Source: In Style

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