These 10 Things Made Women's Lives Better In 2016

These 10 Things Made Women's Lives Better In 2016

Where need arises, innovation comes through, and with 2016 having ushered in what may be the most women-hating administration this country has ever seen, there's no question that the need for women's health, safety, professional development, and plain old simple beauty and comfort needs are more important than ever. Luckily, plenty of smart, innovative, entrepreneurial mavens have founded companies and created dream products that proved themselves to make life more livable for thousands of women in 2016. Let's take a look at 10 of the best!

1. This company that caters to the professional woman who hate shopping.

Shopping takes up valuable time, requires being in usually cramped quarters with lots of people, and also calls for some semblance of a fashion sense, which, let's be real, not all of us are blessed with. Enter- MM.LaFleur, the startup created for those of us who can't stand shopping. The company was launched by Sarah LaFleur, who realized quickly that it made no sense for the little free time she had from her demanding job to be taken up searching for work outfits. LaFleur has created an amazing system that allows women to provide their measurements and preferences to an experienced stylist, who then ships a "Bento Box" of options to the client. Clients only pay for what they want to keep, and only order a box when they're in need! No binding subscription? No long lines on the weekend when you'd rather be doing literally anything else? Sounds good!

2. The breast pump for women who are over the vacuum pressure of a typical breast pump.

Typical breast milk pumps apply vacuum pressure to women's breasts to pump milk, which is the same way that a cow's milk is pumped-no thanks to that, said NayaNaya has created a portable, water-based system that expels milk rather than pumping it with vacuum technology. The device also massages the breast to encourage milk production, a feature that none of its competitors have. The catch? At $1,000 per pump, it's not accessible to the average woman by any means, but hopefully as this technology advances, affordable options will crop up soon.

3. The underwear for people with periods.

Thinx is the underwear for people with periods who are over the shame, annoyance, and inconvenience that stems from something totally natural, normal, and not gross! These undies are not only antimicrobial and absorbent. They're also cute! Lacy, black, sexy, and available in several silhouettes, this product makes free-bleeding feel safe, comfy, and dry. 

4. The beauty brand that cuts the fuss, time, and toxic chemicals out of your everyday beauty routine.

Glossier  was born of Into the Gloss, a wildly popular blog that documents makeup lovers' most needed products and most beloved formulas. This means that every product in the Glossier collection is an amalgam of the best things about hundreds of beauty product favorites, as well as the valuable input and critique from the makeup lovers who frequent the site. Glossier's products are made with natural ingredients, and designed for the girl on the go who doesn't have the time or interest in an involved, multi-step makeup routine. 

5. ...and another company that's super similar.

Beautycounter is committed to using only the cleanest ingredients in their products, so much so that they sent hundreds of reps to Capitol Hill to lobby for the responsible regulation of chemicals in cosmetics this past sumer.

6. The company that specializes in women's healthcare.

Maven recognizes that women's healthcare needs are complex and often overlooked/taken less seriously, and their goal is to correct this by connecting women to their wide database of specialized healthcare professionals within and without the traditional medical sphere. Whether you're looking for a midwife, a hormonal specialist, or someone to help you figure out why you're having trouble producing milk for your newborn, Maven's got you covered.

7. The company that makes weed butter...

...for your vagina. That's right. Foria has created butters and sprays that help relieve menstrual cramps and other sexual health issues, and also help you relax into the best, most heightened orgasm you've ever had. To quote a testimonial from Foria's site: "It. Was. Epic." We're sold! The catch? These products are currently only available to California residents with a marijuana card.

8. The app that could help you find your lifelong BFF...

Vina founder Olivia June Poole came up with the idea for this Tinder-but-for-girlfriends app when she moved to San Francisco friendless and found herself messaging women on OkCupid not for love, but for friendship. Women answer quiz-style questions to make sure they're matched up with like-minded ladies, and it's great for the newly-relocated, the professionally over-busy, or the girl who's just not sure how to meet people 'out.'

9. ...and the app that lets women call the shots.

Bumble is the app that only allows men to message women if the woman has approved first, which helps to weed out all those jerks hiding behind their phone screens that love to act up on Tinder.  Yes please!

10. The app that might just help you land your dream job.

Landit fancies itself the "Linkedin for women," and is especially helpful for women in career transition-mode. Women who choose Landit have access to professional coaching, brand management, and and personalized job listings.

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