What To Get Your Stoner Friend For Their Bday

What To Get Your Stoner Friend For Their Bday
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Everyone has at least one, two, three... okay, maybe even more stoners in their life. With many state governments finally taking a chill pill, more and more folks can get their hands on a joint nowadays.

However, when it comes time to celebrate your favorite stoner’s birthday - you just can’t get them a dime bag and be done with it. After all, now it's more than likely they have a stash already. As that’s the case, you need to go above and beyond for them and we have just the gifts for that!

Rolling Tray

They can avoid getting their pot all over the counter with a sweet rolling tray


Who doesn’t love a nice pot leaf-embroidered pair of socks? Not only are they cool, but you could be helping your friend use fashion to send a message, about joints.

Strain Tracker Journal

Strain Tracker Journal

Those who are deep into the weed lifestyle don’t just want to smoke, they want to learn about it. This journal will be the perfect way for them to keep track of all the strains they’ve tried. Kind of like a bird watching journal... but like, for getting high.

Bong Pin

Bong Pin

Is a pin a cute way to jazz up a denim jacket ensemble? YASS!


If you smoke anything, you need an ashtray to catch all that falls. Just makes sense.

Cheech and Chong DVD Set

If they don’t already own the holy grail of stoner movies, then make sure to add it to their collection.

THC Necklace

THC Necklace

A low key way for them to showcase their love of Mary Jane. while wearing a nice piece of jewelry.

Piece Grinder

A grinder is a definite must to ensure their weed goes a long way.

The Perfect Tee

Make sure to find them in a shirt that has some thought put into it, not just something from the local swap meet.

A Great Keychain

With that short-term memory loss, this will hopefully make them stop losing their damn keys.

Scented Candles

An awesome gift if they want to keep nosey neighbors at bay with wonderful smells

A Bomb Art Piece

A Bomb Art Piece
Replace their blacklight posters with something a little more modern and chic.

Snacks, Snacks and More Snacks

The munchies are no joke, and they’ll be forever grateful for the noms.

An Epic Sweater

Something like the one Snoop Dogg gave Willie Nelson will do the trick. Even if you can’t find the exact one, they’ll love any sweater like it.

Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking with Cannabis

For the stoner who’s also an aspiring chef. This book is the best of both worlds.


Anyone who smokes knows that losing lighters is almost always going to happen.

A Dope Pillow

A Dope Pillow

Not only for the joke, but for when that good shit kicks in and they fade into dreamland.

Snoop Dogg Mixtape

Ain’t nothing like some music from Snoop to brighten a stoner’s mood.

The Stoner’s Coloring Book

Who knows what they’ll come up with in this coloring book when they’re high AF.

Stash Jar

One can never have enough stash jars around the house. 
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