Which Stereotypical Mom Type Are You?

Which Stereotypical Mom Type Are You?
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No matter how hard we mamas try to avoid it, we eventually get thrown into a mom category. We transition from having our former reputation as a single woman to having a new one that comes with the mom territory. Some moms fall into more than one category, while others are the quintessential definition of one in particular. Where on the spectrum do you fall?

The Pinterest Mom

You spend your days scouring Pinterest for the most delicious recipes. You pin stylish outfits and then replicate them. You look for creative crafts and try them all with your kids. If it's on Pinterest, it's making its way into your life.

The Hot Mess Mom

You haven't showered in three days. Your pants have dried boogers on them and you haven't made it out the door on time once this week. Your morning cup of coffee always gets forgotten in the microwave, so you count down the minutes until it's an acceptable time to break open a bottle of wine.

The PTA Mom

You know more about your child's school than the principal does. You head up every bake sale, send out email reminders for every PTA meeting, and know every teacher in the school by name. You could practically run the place, and you actually wouldn't mind doing that.

The Organic Mom

If it's not organic, it doesn't belong in your home. You buy organic produce, organic beauty products and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Those harmful pesticides and preservatives have no business invading your family, and you make sure to dispose of all non-recyclables in a compost pile.

The Betty Crocker Mom

Most afternoons, you can be found baking in the kitchen. In your apron. And if you aren't there, you're dusting or vacuuming your immaculate home. You love hosting dinner parties and make sure that all of the food you serve is made from scratch.

The Fitness Mom

Fitness. Is. Life. You live for your early mornings at the gym. Your children don't watch television because they are too busy staying active with sports. You find any excuse to take the stairs and the smell of sweaty gym socks gets you excited.

The Germaphobe Mom

The five second rule is the devil. OMG, some mothers let their children eat off the floor? Yours are not allowed to touch theirs until their hands have been washed and sanitized. Along with their silverware, plates and the table they will eat on. You carry antibacterial hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and floss in your purse. Because germs.

The Fashionable Mom

Even if it takes an hour, you're a mama who makes time to look good. You refuse to wear yoga pants in public, or be seen without makeup. You have your own fashion blog, and your kids look like miniature Calvin Klein models. You're the mom that all the others look at and wonder, "how does she always look so good?"

The Lazy Mom

Messy hair? Don't care. Messy house? Really don't care. The dishes can stay in the sink for three more days. The crumbs will get swept up eventually, and the laundry is clean, so what's the point of putting it away? You'd rather spend time making memories with your kids, than cleaning up the messes that they make every ten minutes.

The Corporate Mom

You've got an important meeting this afternoon but you have to leave early to pick the kids up from school. After dinner, you're usually responding to emails or returning phone calls. You're up early each morning to see what urgent business matters await you at the office, and you live in pant suits. 

The Fun Mom

Forget being a parent. You are your children's BFF. You can hang like the cool kids, and you aren't afraid to show it. Ice cream for dinner? Ok, but just this once. Yes, you can stay up late to finish watching that movie. And hey, if you need someone to show you how to nail someone with a water balloon, I'm your gal!

The Paranoid Mom

What most moms consider minor concerns, you see as life and death situations. If your child has even a mild fever, his pediatrician will be getting a phone call. If your little sweetheart rolls over onto her tummy while she sleeps, you check on her every fifteen minutes to make sure she's still breathing. Tiny scratch? Band-aid. Runny nose? Stocking up on meds. Life's too short to ignore all your baby's health concerns.

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