7 Things You Should Know Before You Get Botox

7 Things You Should Know Before You Get Botox

Sometimes a stubborn little fine line appears, and all of the E cream, serums and exfoliants in the world don't seem to be doing a thing about it. Your mind may wander to the possibility of Botox, but then, in the corner of that foggy thought, the facial conglomerate of every plastic surgery nightmare story you've ever seen creeps up. She's shiny in the scary way, she can't smile, her one eye is a little droopy, and you'd rather shrivel up like a raisin than die looking like Ronald McDonald. Very valid to fear becoming a subject on Botched, sure, but we doubt she knew about #7 on this list. Although Botox definitely isn't for everyone, it's certainly gotten itself quite a bad reputation that, when administered by experienced hands and in moderation, it doesn't totally deserve. We want to arm you with all the facts about this controversial beauty trick, so here are the 7 big things you should know before you consider Botox!

1. First off- what is it?

Essentially, Botox is a highly controlled dose of Botulinum Toxin. Sound scary? That's because you've probably heard of Botulism, the deadly disease caused by high levels of the toxin. Luckily though, this bacteria, when used in teeny tiny doses by a professional, really does the trick when it comes to making your face muscles do the Mannequin Challenge. When injected into the skin, Botox works by preventing certain signals from nerve cells to reach muscles, leaving them without instruction to move and essentially freezing them in place.

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