Beauty Subcultures That Will Blow Your Mind

Beauty Subcultures That Will Blow Your Mind
Stamatoyoshi via Getty

With so many makeup tutorials and Instagram makeup mavens, it seems like we've seen it all. Natural look, smokey eye, retro, avant garde, we get it.

But right under our nose is a whole world of makeup subcultures that you won't believe. There are so many options, we might have to reevaluate our style choices.


Cosplay gets a bad rep. People think of it as just hot girls wearing almost no clothes at comic conventions or superfans who want to look like an anime character. But there's a real art to it. The makeup is so wholly transformative, it can completely change your look, age, and even gender. Each cosplay look is a mini masterpiece and you can learn some of their skills from the many available Youtube tutorials. Even if you don't want to go full Wonder Woman every day, there are definitely cool tips you can use whenever you want to try something new.

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