The Coolest, Cheapest & Weirdest Ways to Color Your Hair

The Coolest, Cheapest & Weirdest Ways to Color Your Hair

Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but if you’re someone who likes to switch up your hair color almost as much as your clothes, we just want to remind you of one thing; hair dyes are made up of chemicals and, according to the American Cancer Society, some of them can increase your risk of cancer. In fact, there are reportedly close to 5,000 chemicals in various hair dyes, and some of those are carcinogenic (that’s what puts you at cancer risk).

A way around this is to go with a more natural hair dye solution like henna. Or you can try out some of these crazy---we mean, unique---ways to dyeing your hair. They may not be as intense as hair dye or last as long, but they do actually work. And, they are much cheaper than a professional coloring appointment too! 


Are you ready to rock a warm cocoa brown color? You might want to try some Nutella and condensed milk? Yeah, we didn’t believe it either until we read an article and saw some Instagram posts of a professional stylists doing it herself! Apparently the chocolate in the Nutella stains and that can bring out a rich hair color. We’re not sure how permanent it is, but one thing's for sure. Your hair won’t smell sweeter with anything else. That alone makes it work a shot!

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